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Hi Kimberle.  
Wanted to let you know what a huge hit your dress was last night!  I got comments on it all night long.  There was nothing else like it at the event, and this was a $300 a plate fundraiser dinner for Oatlands (historic plantation out here), so people weren’t wearing cheap costumes.  Some nice stuff out there, but yours stood out above them all.  I was even asked if it was vintage.

 Thanks!  :>)
Elizabeth Campanella
Hamilton, VA

Thought I'd send you an update from the party.  The dress was a huge hit.  I've attached a photo of me wearing it.  There was a professional photographer at the party who was taking shots of all of the guests with a 1929 car - I've sent it along.  I'm also wearing my Mom's fur stole  as it was freezing last weekend.  The seamstress took two long darts down the back and did not disturb any of the beading.  The dress fit perfectly.  She also added some black fringe to the hem underneath the fringe that was already there.  It made it more swingy.  This gal loves to "play" with clothes and has a great eye for what works.  I will definately be able to wear it again!  I also won a lovely bottle of champagne as the dress was voted as best of the evening.  I certainly wasn't expecting that!  Quite a few people asked if the dress was authentic / vintage too. 
Thank you for all your help and for having such beautiful and unique things.
Catherine Hackett


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